Handheld Contact Just Got Even Better!


HHC 6.0.2 for iOS 6/30/16


HHC 6.0 Settings, History

I have had a couple of weeks to use the new Handheld Contact 6.0.2 update for iOS and I like it!

As with all my iOS updates it just appeared shortly after it was released, around the beginning of the month. The first thing I noticed was the new screen appearance which I really like. Then I stumbled on an option for recording History of Text messages sent to HHC Contacts. Wow! That filled a gap in my contact interactions that left some really important, urgent messaging History out of the Act! database.

While I am doing an installation or working on a customization I will often send my client or their IT staff a quick message by Text. Previously all HHC recorded was “E-mail Sent”… that’s it… no content! Now the full message appears. Thanks a lot for this improvement!