How to manage your Business Brokerage Business with Act!

Business brokers can track progress selling businesses with Act! It’s easy, right out of the box (err, download)… Group Contacts Tab

Groups View, Contacts Tab

  • Definitions:
    • Groups = Business for Sale
      • Group Contacts = Business Owner (Seller)
      • Group Contacts = Business buyers, “Prospects” interested in buying that business.
      • Group History tab, filtered by Group = List of buyer interactions in regard to that business listing. Group History Tab

        Groups View, History Tab

  • All prospects and the owner are listed in the Contacts Tab
  • Group History filtered by Group shows Contact History but only that is related to the business that is for sale.
  • Report to business owners on your progress using the History List View (v16+).
    • Filter by Dates, History Type and then Sort by “Share With”. Your Group History for “Business Name for Sale” will appear. Export to Excel, delete everything that is not related to the business listing your are reporting on. Send the latest progress report to the owner in the Excel format!
Note: This works for listing Realtors who want to report to property owners what progress has been made in selling the listed property as well.
In that case Group = Listing.