“I accidentally made a company twice and need to delete one but the delete option is grey’ed out for me”

“Do you know if there are certain privileges I am not allowed to do or if I can do this another way?”

Quick Answer:
Yes. You are a “Standard” user and you can only delete records that you have added if your Act! database administrator gives you permission. Standard users cannot delete records where the “Record Manager” is another user.

Quick Options:
1) Send a request to your Act! Administrator to delete the contact for you.
2) Request your Act! User Role be escalated to “Delete records”*. BTW: This saves work for the Administrator as well!

Download out this handy, easy-to-search chart of ” Features and Access by User Role in Excel Format”

Big Picture:
Act! gives the database owner the ability to limit who can delete Contacts, Companies, Histories… This is a protection for their data against even accidental mess-ups for them… and for you!

Horror Story:
Several years ago I was working at a 25-user client’s site who has 30K customers all around the world. A new receptionist made updates to an ugly mess of state field abbreviations for of all of the NY records… That’s good right? Except, oops! She used Edit, Replace accidentally on the whole database!  No big deal right? Just restore from backup right? This was not discovered for over 2 weeks. She was no longer there when I went back a few months later.

Lessons Learned:
1) Don’t make every user an Administrator Role user.
2) Train your users before you set them loose on your most valuable asset.
3) Act! Subscribers have Swiftpage Silver Support included in their subscription. Pick up the phone if you are not sure!
Also, quick calls, E-mails or Texts to me are always free for our customers.


Giving trusted Act! users (Record Managers) permission to delete their own records helps keep your database clean!

Have an Act! Cloud Database? Ask your Act! Administrator to send a request to your hosting service to escalate your Added Permissions.