Remember the Act! Dashboard “Gas Gauge”? Well… fuhgedaboudit!

Cool Gauge Chart – Before…



Act! Demo Database Dashboard Screen

Act! Dashboard - Invalid Chart FX Gauges License

Not So Cool Gauge Chart – After…

Error: “Invalid Chart FX Gauges License (0x00000001). Please contact Software FX Inc. Support”

“Cause: The cause is currently unknown”
“Solution: There is currently no known solution for this issue. The issue is under investigation.”

I will post ASAP with any new info as it becomes available.

Update: Swiftpage COO Lorcan Malone, in our monthly partner meeting, just said
we are working “urgently” with our provider on resolving this issue.

Update #2 8/11/2016: Looks like a Hot Fix will be released shortly to correct the problem.
“Hat’s off!” to the Swiftpage Act! management and development teams for the speedy response!

Update #3 8/11/2016 8:36PM Problem Solved! New Hot Fix for v17 & v18
The problem was corrected Bob Breeding in Act! R&D working closely with the vendor responsible. Here are the Hot Fix Download Addresses:

Act! Premium Update Media  Swiftpage – Act! R&D – Aug 11th, 2016
  Act! 17.2 – All Tiers and Regions
Act! 17.2 Update 3

  Act! 18.1 – All Tiers and Regions
    Act! 18.1 Update 5

Act! 18.2 – All Tiers and Regions
Act! 18.2 Update 2