Act! CRM Most popular features

  • Share contact info and opportunities with your team
  • Schedule upcoming Activities with Contacts and for others on your team
  • Create, View and Report on Contact interactions in History
  • What is Act! CRM – Maybe a screen shot of the home page of Act!Act! is the #1 best-selling Customer and Contact Manager solution and has been around since 1986.Top reasons to choose Act! CRM
    • Flexibility

    Act! allows flexible subscription options with additional discounts to maximize your savings.  If subscription is not an option for your organization, Act! has permanent licenses available as well.

    • Installation & Deployment Options

    With Act! CRM, the decision on how your company wants to install and manage your software is your choice.  Your business can choose a cloud based solution, self-hosted on premise solution or even a hybrid option of both.  Access Act! CRM from your laptop, desktop or mobile device with any of our deployment options.

    • Ongoing Technical Support and Training Videos

    Every Act! subscription comes with expert technical support and training resources included at no additional charge.

    • Cost Effective Integrations

    With Act! Connect through Zapier your company can integrate with hundreds of software solutions or business applications, which enhance how you run your business.

    • Providing Constant Updates

    Act! provides timely system compatibility updates which ensure your solution stays compatible with current business applications and platforms – including Windows, Outlook, Google, and more.

    • Email Marketing

    Basic Act! emarketing is included with your purchase of Act! at no additional cost to you.  This gives your company the tools needed to reach new prospects, stay connected with your current customers as well as prioritize follow up on new sales opportunities

    • Purpose Built & Customizable

    Act! is a purpose built product for the small & medium sized market while but has been built to expand for enterprise deployments and configurations.  The ability to customize the software to fit your specific need is why Act! is the #1 best-selling solution.