What is the difference between a Premium Subscription and a Premium Perpetual license?

  • An Act! Premium Subscription expires at the end of the year but costs just $250*
    • Unless you renew, support, upgrades and access to your database will stop at the end of the year.
    • It’s like a magazine subscription
    • You can always switch to Pro but access will stop at the end of the year unless you renew.
  • A Premium Perpetual license ($500*) does not include support and upgrades after the first year (unless you renew) but the license does not expire.
    • You can still login to the database even if the subscription is not renewed.

* Volume pricing available.

Salesforce.com limits me to online. But what if I don’t want my database hosted online!?

Act! is one of the few CRM type software programs that still features an “offline” option.
In fact you can access your database many ways…

  1. Local Install…
    • Right on your own 1 desktop or 1 laptop computer, just like in the old days.
  2. Local Install 1 user with 2 computers…
    • Install on an office desktop computer plus use the automatic Act! “Database Synchronization” feature on your laptop.
    • Take your database with you wherever you go.
  3. Local Server Install…
    • Install on your own server and other Act! users connect to that shared folder. Everybody uses the same database any time they are in the office
  4. Local Server Using Cloud Feature…act-deployment-local
    • Install on your own server. Other Act! users connect to that shared folder or by Internet browser on their computer or

      Connect by Supported Browsers

    • Everybody uses the same database any time they want anywhere they go… by computer, laptop smart phone, tablet, internet browser…
  5. Local Server Plus Professionally Hosted Cloud Feature:act-deployment-full
    • Same as above but the database is hosted by experienced professional engineers on highly secure, redundant top-tier servers with 24-7 monitoring, biometric scanners, access cards, video surveillance, bullet resistant walls and glass, onsite security guard at all times
      • Seriously… do you have all that?
    • Includes Cloud Backup and Maintenance automatically
      • Act! Premium Cloud by Swiftpage $420 (with Act!)
      • CIT Economy Cloud $400 (with Act!)
      • CIT Premium Cloud $500 (with Act!)
        • Includes offline “eXact Contacts” Mobile App
        • 2-3 times faster – Multiple load balancing servers!
        • Hosted AddOns Available
      • CIT HIPAA Compliant Cloud $600 (with Act!)
  6. Professionally hosted…act-deployment-cloud
    • Same as above… except…
      No IT cost is required. It’s all done by professional engineers.
    • Just think of it:
      • No server, backup drive, UPS, cooling system to buy, upgrade, maintain or replace!
      • No IT guy to pay for finding, installing, fixing, maintaining, upgrading, securing, server software, antivirus… Uhg!
      • No concerns about protecting your data
    • Act! Software and Server upgrades and installs are no extra charge!
    • Custom database and first import are free
    • Getting Started training by a Certified Act! Premier Trainer is included.
    • Offline, remote databases (RDB) are included
      • Great place to run AddOns (if required)
      • Customize Layouts and reports.

All prices MSRP 1-4 user list prices.
Request a quote for volume and CIT preferred customer pricing.

What if I am just a one-person/small group user, and I don’t need support or regular upgrades?

  • Back by popular demand! You can still buy Act! Pro which has a perpetual license just as before. $199.99 through July 12th, 2016.

What operating systems, Office versions & browsers work with Act! now?

Thinking about upgrading Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, your favorite browser or buying a new computer/laptop? I learned in Cub Scouts: LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!

Some, many or all of your current Act! features may no longer work if you upgrade your computer but do not upgrade Act!

Swiftpage, the owners of Act!, are constantly working to improve Act!, the largest selling contact management software program in the world since 1986. Here is an excellent matrix that shows what the various versions of Act! are sure to work with…

Act! Compatibility Matrix
Answer ID 29767   |    Updated 05/13/2016 03:52 PM

Supported Versions of Microsoft® Office by Version of Act!
Answer ID 29499   |    Updated 05/04/2016 05:37 PM

I Just Upgraded to Windows 10 but now I can’t open Act!

So… Microsoft upgraded you to Windows 10 and now you can’t open your Act! database? Here are some error messages that callers are seeing:

  • “Error: “The database [database name] cannot be accessed….” when attempting to access your database”
  • “Error: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object when exiting Act!”
  • “Error: “Cannot Access Specified Database…” and the Database is Listed as SUSPECT or RECOVERY in the ACT! Diagnostics Utility”

Here are some articles that may help…

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There is no charge to call me before you buy a new computer or upgrade anything. I would rather see you safe than suffer.