What do you do with a Contact record when they leave their Company?

This comes up all the time. When a Contact migrates to a new firm, here’s what I do (without creating a duplicate record):

  1. RELATE: Before making any changes to the Act! Contact record, on the Relationships Tab I “Relate” them to everyone at the same Company.
    1. To maintain the a association with all their co-workers, I Define relationship:
    2. Contact Name: “Former Employee”
    3. Related contact: “Former Employer”
  2. DELETE: Delete the “no longer true” field values in:
    1. Company
    2. Phone & Extension
    3. Email
    4. Address info (except for the City & State until you know their new address).
    5. Website
  3. KEEP: Keep Contact info like:
    1. Mobile Phone
    2. Personal Email
    3. Home Address
    4. I do not delete any of their old History or Opportunities but I do enter a New History in BOLD RED CAPS “So and So said Contact Name is no longer with Company Name Co. This makes it easy for everyone, if new History is added later, to keep track of what’s relevant at the new Company.
  4. UPDATE:
    1. Change their ID/Status from “Client” to “Client at Related Contact”, until you know the new relationship at the new firm i.e. Lead, Prospect, Client…
    2. Invite them to “Connect” on LinkedIn.com (if you haven’t already). Wish them well at their new position and ask for their new contact info so you can “keep in touch” via:
      1. “Message” button.
      2. “Connect” button.
      3. Click “Contact info” to see if they posted any personal contact info.

Remember, you need every contact’s express permission to send them marketing emails, so be sure to send them a link to invite them to join your newsletter/opt-in list from their new address.

Keep your database up-to-date to make it a powerful Marketing Machine!