WHAT! No Handheld Contact “Pause” & “Wait” Ext. Commands Now!??

I have been using Act! since 1992. But I still tell people that I learn several new things about Act! and Act! AddOns every day. Well here’s one from today…

What do you mean “Pause” and “Wait”?


iPhone 6S 9.3.2

If you dial unattended phone numbers that give you prompts* before you can enter your extension, you can actually skip all the tedious number touching by entering them in advance!

Your iPhone or Android Address bo ok gives you the ability to do it using “,” for a “3-second Pause or “;” for a “Wait” (until I’m ready) to continue. Let’s say the number is 555-555-1212 and the extension is 123. You enter your phone number in the phone field and “,123” in the extension field and next time it dials the extension for you, automatically!
Note: In the Edit iPhone Address Book screen, touch “add phone, then touch the “+ * #” button. You will see an option for a user to add a “pause” or “wait”.


HHC 6.0.2

Handheld Contact (HHC):
This worked on my iPhone 4S (iOS 7, 8) and then on my iPhone 6S (iOS 9) in the prior versions of HHC. I used it on many contacts for several years. It really saved me a lot of time and frustration.

The “;” inserted in the Act! database Ext. field, in front of the Extension number functioned as a “Wait” command and the “,” was a 3 second pause on my iPhone. (Multiple “,”’s added to the pause. i.e. “,,,” = a 9 second pause.)


Custom Designed Fields and Layout

My Act! Database Screen:
I had the Act! Support number configured to wait and then dial my Reseller ID # automatically followed by a pause and then 2 for ACC support. (Previously I was able to use “,” pauses but the IVR message options kept changing recently so I had to edit the punctuation.)

Bug Report:LogoBlock_200x200
I love what they have done in this new 6.0.2 release and will be doing a review soon. But, in the meantime… I explained what I found to the new Handheld Contact Support rep, Caleb. He thanked me and let me know “(He) submitted a bug report to the developer, and we’ll work to address this issue in an upgrade.”

Bummer. I was hoping it was just a setting switch. Ugh!

* Like: “Thank you for calling Popular Co! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! To connect to our Sales Department please press 1, to connect to (blah, blah, blaaahh) …for Support please press 5…” (5) “Thank you.” “Welcome to Popular Co. Support! For instructions in Spanish please press 1, for instructions in English please press 2…” (2) “Thank you.” “For faster support please press 9 to enter your 9 digit Super Service Code followed by the pound or hash sign…” 234123779#… (You get the idea.)