Why does the Phone Information Dialog come up every time I open Act! ?

I upgraded to Act! v18.1 and now every time I open Act! I get a prompt to fill in my Area Code!??

This is indeed annoying and a waste of time but the proposed solution from the Swiftpage Knowledge Base of editing the Windows registry sounds worse than the problem!

Prompted to Fill Out the Windows® Phone Information Dialog Each Time You Open Act! in Microsoft® Windows® 8 and Microsoft Server® 2012

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Easy, Fast Work-around:2016-09-08-12_05_08-program-manager

Thanks to one of my peers, Scott Abboud, here is a better way… 1) Just click the New button in the Windows “Phone and Modem” dialog box and add a new “Location” with 2) a unique name and your 3) Area Code. 4) Click Apply and then 5) OK and try opening Act! again.

Presto! Changeo! No prompt to fill in the area code screen!

If you want everything to look perfect back in the Windows Phone and Modem dialog, then go back (Search for “Phone and Modem”) and delete the one that was not working. You can also 6) rename (“Edit”) the new Location back to “My Location” if you want.